Corporate Law, Banking and Capital Markets

In addition to advising our clients during company acquisitions, we also support them in preparing and implementing corporate measures.

We also develop concepts in cooperation with our clients for realigning their company's corporate structure. These include mergers, demergers or changes in legal form. Such restructuring measures are often required because of succession arrangements, tax considerations or the realigning corporate financing. Our consultation in this area is usually provided over the long-term and is closely tied to the development and implementation of corporate strategies.

In the area of mergers & acquisitions, we advise on the acquisition or sale of companies and shareholdings. We have provided support for high-profile transactions on behalf of both sellers as well as buyers. We advise companies and directors/Executive Boards about insolvency law. We provide support in preparing insolvency plans and during bank negotiations. Dr Scheuermann’s wealth of experience from his many years as a banker is vital.