Dr. Christian Hilbrandt


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E-mail: office@hre-law.com


Areas of expertise
Business related labour law, health and social welfare law, director and executive board company law matters, company audits by pension insurance funds and  artists’ social welfare fund, commercial and insurance agents matters, freelance working relationships.

Christian Hilbrandt is an expert in the following sectors:

  • Statutory health insurance companies
  • Harbour operations
  • Publishing
  • Insurance
  • Technical plant construction
  • Internet services
  • Oil
  • Beverages

He also advises several large sales and distribution companies. Christian Hilbrandt is the author of numerous legal publications and is also the co-author of a manual regarding the current aspects and developments of the protection of fundamental labour law rights in EU (Handbuch der Europäischen Grundrechte, Verlag C.H. Beck).

University of Hamburg (Law and Business Administration)

Professional career:
Founded the predecessor of this law firm 2001
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 1998 - 2001
Research assistant, University of Hamburg 1995 - 1998
Research associate, University of Hamburg 1990 - 1995

German, English

Lecturer, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences since 2010
Lecturer, University of Hamburg 1998 - 2002
Labour and social welfare law lecturer 1991 - 1998


  • Lecture notes "Arbeitskampfrecht" (“Industrial Dispute Law”), W. Mauke Söhne,  Hamburg 1993;
  • Mass termination due to change of contract and industrial disputes, C. F. Müller,  Heidelberg 1997;
  • Special protection against dismissal of members of the works council in the event of a mass termination due to contractual changes, NZA 1997, 465 et. seq.;
  • Note regarding the judgment of the EuGH (European Court of Justice) in the Nils Draehmpaehl case regarding compensation for damages in the event of discrimination against workers, in: EzA (Collection of employment law cases) regarding section 611 a BGB (German Civil Code) No. 12;
  • Transfer due to alleged authority to issue instructions and interim relief, RdA (Employment Law Journal) 1998, 155 et seq.;
  • New developments regarding special protection against unfair dismissal for municipal officers, NZA (New Journal for Employment Law) 1998, 1258 et seq.;
  • Note on the judgment of the Federal Employment Court dated 18.09.1997 in the matter of special protection against dismissal for members of the works council, in: AP (collection of employment law judgments) no. 35 regarding section 103 BetrVG (Works Council Constitution Act);
  • Compliance with the deadline on appeal to an incompetent court regarding matters of shared ownership law and in proceedings regarding protection against unfair dismissal, NJW (New Weekly Legal Journal) 1999, 3594 et seq.;
  • Suspension of objections and an action to set aside a decision pursuant to section 7 a para. 7 sentence 1 SGB(Code of Social Law) IV against the decision made on 01.01.1999, NZA (New Journal for Employment Law) 2000, 1208 et seq.;
  • A fraction in the community of fractionally shared joint owners– investigating the legal structure of the fraction, AcP (Archive of Civil Law) 2002, 631 et seq.;
  • Commentary on the employment law liberties and guarantees of protection within the scope of the fundamental rights of the EU, in: Handbook regarding the Protection of Fundamental EU rights, C. H. Beck Verlag 2006. – can be viewed as PDF;
    •    Chapter 35 Employees’ rights
    •    Chapter 36 The right to healthy, safe and dignified working conditions
    •    Chapter 37 Protection in the event of unjustified dismissal
    •    Chapter 38 Right of access to placement services.