Dr. Thomas Scheuermann


Partner bis April 2015

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E-mail: office@hre-law.com


Areas of expertise
Banking law, company and commercial law, insolvency and restructuring, real estate law, inheritance law – in particular international inheritance law and estate distribution, conflict strategies and mediation

His clients are:
banks, international companies and wealthy individuals.

Thomas Scheuermann has been working as a solicitor for over 20 years. He has also been an in-house counsel in the banking sector for most of that time. He was a senior representative at a major European banking group in Teheran and branch head of two large international banks in Hamburg. His specialties are, in addition to banking and finance law, the law governing partnerships and limited liability companies, advising companies and individuals about the financial crisis and inheritance law, in particular international inheritance law including disputes involving inheritances with assets in different countries. Furthermore, Thomas Scheuermann is also an accredited mediator.

German, English, French, Farsi (colloquial)

1960 - 1964 Studied in Munich, Aix-en-Provence and Hamburg

Professional Career:
Law firm Scheuermann + Partner Hamburg 1989 - 2009
Law firm Schwarz, Schniewind, Kelwing, Khadjavi, Munich 1988 - 1989
Branch Head, The Royal Bank of Canada, Hamburg 1984 - 1987
Head of the Hamburg office 1976 - 1984
Senior representative, ABECOR-Bankengruppe, Teheran, Iran 1973 - 1976
Foreign secretary, Prokurist 1972 - 1973
General counsel, legal department 1969 - 1972
Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechsel-Bank, Munich 1969 - 1984
Assistant at the Institute for Comparative Law of the University of Munich and doctorate “Statutenwechsel im Internationalen Erbrecht“ (“Changes in International Inheritance Law“) 1965 - 1968